The aircraft’s body main section.


Monocoque Structure

In this method, the exterior surface of the fuselage is also the primary structure. Skin takes up all flight and ground loads and shape gives structure its rigidity.

Reinforces Shell Structure

The reinforced shell has the skin reinforced by
a complete framework of structural members.
Different portions of the same fuselage may
belong to any one of the two classes. Most are
considered to be of semimonocoque-type

Semi-Monocoque Structure

This is the preferred method of constructing an all-aluminum fuselage. First, a series of frames in the shape of the fuselage cross sections are held in position on a rigid fixture.These frames are then joined by longitudinal stringers.


 The higher pressure on one side forces the usually wedge-shaped door into its socket, making a good seal and preventing it from being opened until the pressure is released.

Composite Structure

High-performance aircraft require an extra high
strength-to-weight ratio material. Fabrication of
composite materials satisfies this special requirement.


is where passengers are accommodated for the duration of the journey. Such seats are usually arranged in rows running across the airplane’s fuselage.